How to Install Stock Firmware on Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 2016

How to Install Stock Firmware on Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 2016

Hello Friends, Today i am going to tell you How to Install Stock Firmware on Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 2016. This is the best way How to Install Stock Firmware on Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 2016. So you can check How to Install Stock Firmware on Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 2016 Below Here.Whether you want to revoke root access, to fix software related issues or just to enjoy a stable and a smooth Android experience, you must know how to manually install the stock / default Android firmware on your Samsung Galaxy Tab S2. This is a basic operation that can be easily completed even if you are a newbie as you won’t risk anything. Thus, since managing the Android system is quite important especially if you want to receive the latest updates and if you want to run on a fully stable software, I have decided to teach you how to do it properly.
Thus, during the following guidelines I will show you how to use Odin in order to flash the stock / official Android OS on your Galaxy Tab S2. As already pointed out in the title of this tutorial, the lines from below are compatible with all the Tab S2 models – yes I am talking about the WiFi and LTE versions of the 8.0 and 9.7 models of the tablet. Moreover, you will find compatible firmwares for all the regions in which the device is being currently sold, so you can easily get the right update for your own handset.
The installation process will be completed manually which means that you can apply the stock Android software whether your tablet is currently tweaked or still on the default Android system. In a few words that means this step by step guide is compatible with rooted or locked tablets, with unlocked or locked bootloaders, with custom or with stock recovery images and so on. You are not going to use an OTA release, but the full firmware file – the same that was released by Samsung and by Google for your Galaxy Tab S2.
Bottom line, this will be an official update operation and you will use only official tools in order to complete all the steps from down below. Odin is developed by Samsung and designed especially to work on update types of operations. Therefore, you and your Tab S2 will be safe and secured all the time. And no, the warranty of your tablet will not get void if you choose to complete the guidelines from this tutorial – in fact, you can actually hope to restore the warranty in case you lost it when applying different custom operations.

Odin | Link 

Odin is a popular firmware flashing tool for Samsung devices. Download the latest version from the link given.

USB Drivers | Link 

Download and install Samsung USB drivers on your PC. These are required for Odin to recognize your device.

SM-T719 | Link 

How to Install Official Android Firmware on Samsung Galaxy Tab S2

Step 1. Download the firmware zip file to your PC from the link given above. You will have to Sign in to Sammobile website in order to download the firmware. Also. make sure you download the correct firmware according to your country/carrier.

Step 2. Extract (unzip) the firmware file on your PC using any unzipping tool you might have installed on your PC.

Step 3. Download Odin v3.11.1 from the link given above. Extract the downloaded Odin zip file on your PC. Then run Odin.exe that should be present in the extracted files.

Step 4. Reboot Phone in Download mode. To do so, press and hold Home + Power + Volume Down buttons for few seconds.

Step 5. Now connect your phone to your PC using a USB cable and wait until you get a blue sign in Odin, as shown below.
If your device doesn’t show up in the Odin then download and install Samsung USB drivers from the link given above.

Step 6. Once Odin recognizes your device click on AP button and then select the firmware file that you extracted in step 2.

Step 7. Now click on Options tab of Odin and make sure re-partition is NOT ticked.

Step 8. Click the Start button to start the process and wait few minutes. Your device will automatically boot into the updated firmware.

That’s all! You have successfully updated your Galaxy Tab 2 8.0 to the latest version of Android available in the market. Enjoy the sweetness of the Android Marshmallow and do let us know your impression of the new update in the comments section below.

Need help? Feel free to drop your queries in the comments section. We will try to resolve your issues as soon as possible.
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