How to Enter Download Mode on Samsung devices

How to Enter Download Mode on Samsung devices

Hello Friends, Today i am going to tell you How to Enter Download Mode on Samsung devices. This is the best way How to Enter Download Mode on Samsung devices. So you can check How to Enter Download Mode on Samsung devices Below Here. Booting into the download mode and recovery mode are the two words that you must have heard but some of you may not be much familiar how to actually get into these modes on the Samsung Galaxy Devices, whether the Galaxy smartphones or the Galaxy Tabs. While some of you may not even know what are these modes and why do we need to boot into these modes, let me explain you guys a little first.

Download Mode:  Download Mode is also known as Odin3 mode, the mode allows you to flash stock firmwares, bootloader, modem, pit files, sometimes the root package files or custom recovery files using your PC. To do so, a light tool is used named as Odin3, that’s why the mode is also known as Odin3 mode.  To use the download mode or flash files using your PC, you simply need to boot into download mode, connect your device to your PC and flash your desired file using Odin3. Full guide about Odin can be found here.

Sometimes, what happens is, you are struck in the bootloop, or your phone doesn’t respond. In the case you can either access the download mode or the recovery mode. Wiping cache and dalvik cache may let you get rid of the problems, but just in case non of these works, booting into download mode and flashing a stock firmware will definitely help you.

Ok, I hope that you guys probably know about the download and recovery mode. Let’s learn now how to boot into these modes.

Start by turning off the smartphone or tablet.
Boot it up by holding the Power + Home + Volume Down keys at the same time and keep holding them.
Release the keys when the screen turns on and greets you with a warning message. (The message on the display lets you know that installing a custom OS can cause critical problems for the phone or tablet and its applications).
Press the Volume Up key to get the Samsung smartphone or tablet into the Download Mode. (Those who want to go back can do so by pressing the Volume Down key instead).
Once you press the Volume Up key, the smartphone or tablet will show a downloading target screen. That screen will stay on the device until you flash whatever it is that you are flashing.
In conclusion, that is how to enter Download Mode on Samsung smartphones and tablets using the hardware button combination.
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