Opera Launches Free Unlimited VPN for Android

Opera Launches Free Unlimited VPN for Android

Hello Friends, Today i am going to tell you Opera Launches Free Unlimited VPN for Android. This is the best Opera Launches Free Unlimited VPN for Android. So you can check Opera Launches Free Unlimited VPN for Android Below Here. Security-conscious Android users can now tap into Opera's free and unlimited VPN service, which blocks ad-tracking cookies and tests wireless network security, among other things.

Users can change their virtual location by connecting to one of five regions—the US, Canada, Germany, Singapore, or the Netherlands—and borrowing an IP address from that area.

This week's launch comes just a few months after Opera rolled out the same service to iOS, where it has been downloaded by more than 1 million users. It was added to Opera's browser earlier this year, and all three versions were built by SurfEasy, the VPN company Opera acquired last year.

"The Opera VPN app for Android sets itself apart from other VPNs by offering a completely free service—without a data limit, no log-in required, advanced Wi-Fi protection features, and no need for a subscription," SurfEasy President Chris Houston said in a statement.

Opera Free VPN is the best VPN for your Android. Its very easy to use. Just install it and use. Here are the features of Opera Free VPN Fastest and most reliable VPN services Unblocked access via your choice of five virtual locations (US, Canada, Germany, Netherlands and Singapore) The ability to determine WiFi network security level, as well as connection encryption and protection from threats A built-in ad tracker blocker to stop advertisers from following you around the web.

Once you have installed Opera Free VPN on your Android phone you have three option to do. Here they are

Connect to the VPN network:- This will connect you to VPN to your nearest location but you can also switch to other location. The automatic location selection method determined by the fastest server to you.

Wi-Fi Security:- If you are connected to a wifi network then it shows how much secure is that wifi network. Mean if you are on a Public wifi then you can determine that is this public wifi safe for use without VPN.

Guardian:- If you hate ad tracker then enable this. It will block the ad trackers.

Opera Free VPN for Android is a very nice if you really need a VPN. On the time testing, I figured out that surfing speed quite nice through Opera Free VPN for Android. In play store, you have found some other free VPN but its nice that Opera did there best by adding the extra two feature Wifi security and block ad trackers.

Download Opera Free VPN from Google Play Store here 

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Opera Launches Free Unlimited VPN for Android Opera Launches Free Unlimited VPN for Android Reviewed by Johnson James on September 03, 2016 Rating: 5

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