How to Increase Internal Storage on Android Devices Guide

How to Increase Internal Storage on Android Devices Guide
Hello Friends, Today i am going to tell you How to Increase Internal Storage on Android Devices Guide. This is the best way to Increase Internal Storage on Android Devices Guide. So you can check How to Increase Internal Storage on Android Devices Guide Below Here. Most of the Android phone users usually suffer from the same problem of low internal memory. The low and medium budget devices mostly comes with low internal or simply phone’s memory, in which a good amount is already grabbed by the Android OS, and rest is available for users. Not only low memory resist the further installation of apps and games, but also have some negative effects over the performance of the phone. So, basically more the internal memory of your phone, more apps you can install and greater will be the performance of the device.

If you’re looking to increase internal memory of your Android phone, then this post will definitely help you. For that, we will use a very powerful yet small application named “Link2SD”, the application required root access in order to run. So before we get started, you need to root your device first. Now back to Link2SD application, what is this app? what it can do? and how it can be helpful? If you’re asking these kind of question then your must consider to read below.

Link2SD – A Powerful Root App
Link2SD app is very powerful application which allow user to get complete access over the system and user applications installed on the device. Not only you can delete System applications (which also know as bloatware apps), you can freeze them, convert them to .apk format, and much more. This free application is much better than any other free or paid application which promise to move system apps to SD card.

Using it you can make SD card as default installation directory to save internal memory to sustain device performance. Apart from using SD card as installation destination, this powerful app gives option to convert the a partition  for SD card or SD card into internal memory for Android phone. So, in all aspects this app is very useful, and somewhat necessary for all Android phone users.

Steps to Increase Internal Storage on Android Devices
Download the Link2SD application from Google Play from here.
Put your SD card on your PC (using a Card Reader). I would advise to backup your SD Data before mounting it on your PC.
Select your SD card and format it by clicking on the “Delete” option.
After the procedure is finished, choose your SD Card again and click on the “Create” option.

Select “primary partition” and choose FAT32 as your option.
Select the size you want your partition to have, but leave at least 512MBs free for our next step.
Click on the unallocated space of the memory card. Select “Create” once more and choose preferably EX2 as your file system option.
Wait for the Program to do its Magic and mount your SD back on your phone.
Make sure you have installed Link2SD, using the link above.
Open the app and provide root permission.
When Link2SD asks for the ext partition select the EX2 you created before.
Reboot your phone and open the app once more.
Go to the Link2SD Settings and select the AutoLink option. This will automatically “move” the entirety of your downloaded apps to your SD, leaving most of your internal storage empty.
Congratulations! If everything went as planned and no error message appeared, then you successfully increased  your internal storage. For any questions, feel free to comment below.

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