Which is Better Windows 10S Vs Windows 10

Which is Better Windows 10S Vs Windows 10

Microsoft held an event to reintroduce itself to teachers and students as a company providing innovative and compelling education products.For the first half of Microsoft’s presentation, the message was crisp, clear, and concise. Windows 10 S is Windows 10 with its wings slightly clipped: it can only run apps from the Windows Store, disabling compatibility with the enormous breadth of Windows programs out there, which in the educational context translates to better security, consistent performance, focus for students, and improved battery life. It’s cheaper and less versatile than Windows 10 Pro, which is exactly what schools are looking for (and the thing that’s had them gravitating toward Google’s Chrome OS in recent times).

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Windows 10 S might sound similar to Windows 10, but in actuality, they are two very different operating systems. Windows 10 S, according to the company boots within seconds. It is lighter than the Windows 10 as it has fewer hardware configs, even if they have the same core. It makes it easier for users to even use it on older laptops. Interestingly, users can install Windows 10 S via USB with preconfigured options, if they want to use it on multiple computers. Windows 10S is also compatible with most third-party peripherals Microsoft says, it has access to the Windows 10 driver database. When it comes to the battery life, Microsoft has promised that the Windows 10 S delivers much better battery life than the erstwhile Windows 10. According to claims made by Microsoft, the ‘Surface Laptop’ or Windows 10S computer can last up to 14.5 hours on a single charge. However, in order to take on Google’s ChromeOS or Apple’s MacOS, it needs to deliver on the promise unlike other company’s which fall flat after making tall claims.

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Microsoft claims that Windows 10S will have a major improvement in the terms of Performance. Microsoft, in Windows 10S has disabled the installation of packed Software or applications which are not on Windows Store which in return has helped Windows 10S to get fewer apps to start on the boot. Which will help it to improve its Performance.If you are using a Laptop, then it should also help you to get more juice out of your battery as Microsoft has disabled the installation of google Chrome, which is a juice drinking monster. You will have to stick with Microsoft’s Edge for Browsing internet.

For Whom Windows 10S is Good Option?
If you are someone who has a quite an old machine, then you can definitely take a look at the new Windows 10S from Microsoft. If you are someone who does just regular stuff like MS Office, Spreadsheets, Presentations, and all that office related work only then Windows 10 S might be for you. You will surely notice a performance boost in your PC with Windows 10S.

If you are someone who likes to install hundreds of applications or do works like Photoshop, Gaming, or any other thing which requires a specific application to be installed, the Windows 10 S is probably not for you.
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