How to enter download mode on Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Guide

How to enter download mode on Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Guide

Hello Friends, Today i am going to tell you How to enter download mode on Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Guide. This is the best way to enter download mode on Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Guide. So you can check How to enter download mode on Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Guide Below Here. We will be showing users of the recently announced Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on how to access the built-in Download Mode, also referred to as ODIN mode. Wondering what really is Download Mode? Well, simply explained, this mode is dedicated for the maintenance of the device as it allows you to upgrade and flash different firmwares either official or unofficial. You don’t really need to know how to access this mode in order to use the phone itself but it is necessary if you plan on constantly updating your smartphone or  also plan on rooting it as well. ODIN software can be installed directly on your PC along with correct USB drivers for Note 7 and then you can start flashing. Below, we have included a detailed guide along with a more detailed description of the Download Mode. All of the steps require to enter download / ODIN mode on your Galaxy Note 7 are detailed below.
Download mode comes in handy when you want to connect your phone with ODIN, root your device or install custom recovery or any other updates or system tweaks. Getting your device into download mode is no big deal, but we still get questions from many readers on how to do it. NOTE: The following steps can be used to enter Download / ODIN mode on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 – all variants.

What is Download Mode / ODIN Mode?
Android phones by Samsung come with an unlocked bootloader, which means you do not need to access any bootloader / fastboot mode to unlock it — lie you have to do with Google Nexus devices, HTC, Sony etc. Download and ODIN modes are exactly the same, more like different words for the same thing. So if you read either of these two anywhere, you should know they mean the same.
ODIN mode allows you to connect your Samsung phone with a tool called ODIN on Windows. This tool lets you flash firmware updates, root packages or any other system file that you would like to. But do keep in mind this is only for advance users. If you mess up anything with ODIN, you can permanently brick your phone for any further use. And most importantly, this even voids your official warranty. So you should very well know what you are doing.
NOTE: Screenshots below may be of a different Samsung device, but should have similar screen on your phone as well.

How to enter download mode on Samsung Galaxy Note 7

1. Through Hardware Key combination
Turn off your handset through pressing power button and selecting “power off”.
Wait at-least 3 -5 seconds.
Now, press and hold the Power, Volume Down and Home buttons together on your device and keep them pressed.
Keep them pressed until a Warning! screen is displayed.
Once warning screen appears, press the Volume Up button to confirm and to enter into download mode.
That’s all! You should be now into the Download mode on your Galaxy Note 7. Now you can proceed further for update or downgrading purpose.

This method is most preferred one and it works with most of the Samsung devices. In case, you’re facing issues with hardware keys then you must try second method but your phone should be rooted.

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Alternatively, you can use Quick boot app to enter into download mode. You only need to download this app from Google app store, run it and select the download mode.

But it requires root access to work.

Apart from download mode, this app has more options to serve you, you can use it boot into recovery mode, fastboot mode etc., Look for this app on Google Play store.

Get this application on Google Play →here.

That end our quick tutorial for Samsung Galaxy Note 7 users and keep checking our website, we’ll be posting more stuff for this handset. you must see our tutorial →how to use Odin to flash firmware on Samsung phones. Feel free to comment and share this article with your friends and family. Cheers!

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